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        In-Cosmetics - Korea always welcome pretty young ladies!

        Have already visited 334 07/29/2016  

          Vicky Xu is in charge of Nutritional & Cosmetic Ingredients department.

          From 02 Jul to 09 Jul, Vicky and her assistant went to Korea. In-Cosmetics was held there from 06 Jul to 07 Jul.

          Besides the trade show, Vicky and Cindy have also met some of their costomers and friends there.

        Congratuations to Vicky and Cindy. Their business trip was sucessfully ended with beautiful memories!



          Korea, see you again!

                                                                         29 Jul 2016

                                                                              By Kiko

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        • So impressive journey, wish a great success! [Date: 2016-08-03]
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        • a ni ha se yo :) [Date: 2016-10-14]
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