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        2016 CPHI China - ended with great harvest

        Have already visited 319 07/08/2016  

          How time flies! CPHI China have already ended on 23th Jun.

          Fisrt of all, we will show a group photo of Comwin Family.

          In these limited three days, a lot of our customers have paid us a visit, spent their valuable time with us. Some of them have cooprerated for many years and they are already our freinds.

          We also met some new customers in our booth. Our sales shared our product information, production information and also market information with them.It is very worthful to make such face to face communication.


          We would like always to keep high energy as we know that our clients need our energy to keep the coopration vivid.

        And also we would like to be honest and hard working, only in this way we can try to be a reliable partner.

          What we can do is keep moving! We believe that time will tell. 

                                                                                by Kiko

                                                                               08 Jul 2016 

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        • I feel so much happier now I untresdand all this. Thanks! [Date: 2016-07-26]
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