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        2018 IN-COSMETICS KOREA - a brand new start

        Have already visited 341 07/02/2018  

        After one year's preparation, COMWIN attended IN-COSMETICS at COEX in Korea on 13th-15th June.  It's a brand new beginning for COMWIN. As a professional cosmetic raw materials supplier, our anti-aging agents, whitening agents, natural preservatives and noni product were very popular at the show.

        In addition, we visited old partners and also new customers. Our noni products have aroused great interest from our customers.

        We’d like to expand the business opportunities for mutual benefit and cooperation.


        Striving to export high-quality Chinese products to Korea, we also hope to import high-quality products into the Chinese market in near future.

        Witcha as a young cosmetics brand with great potential already got very good sales in Korean market.

        There are dry bath, dry shampoo, cream, hand soap, which We hope to bring this popular product to Chinese market soon.



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