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        2018 CPHI Shanghai – We reunite here!

        Have already visited 347 06/29/2018  

        There were a lot of pleasant moments during 2018 Shanghai CPHI

        Each CPHI is so amazing festival in our eyes,  many of our old customers have paid us a visit, and spent valuable time with us. Through several years of cooperation with our old customers, we have been friends and established profound friendship.



        Our GM Mr.Dong&Sales manager Magi arediscussing with our customers about the Intermediates. They have accumulated valuable experience about Intermediates through many years work.

        Our Vice GM Jane & Sales manager Vicky shared professional information with our customers about Nutritional, cosmetic ingredients, Animal Healthcare products. They haverich experience about these products.

        We have exciting news this year. As the sole agent of Hainan Yiran Biological Engineering Co., Ltd  in Asia, Changzhou ComWin’s Noni juice has won the favor of many customers. 

        Due to the shortage of raw materials in other countries, our exporting situation have been very well during past half years in 2018. 

        We are exporting that the exporting volume will be over 1000MT in 2018.

        We will work harder to increase the share of Noni juice in the world market. 

        Our Vice GM Jane provided the latest news about Animal Healthcare and Agricultural Chemical products for her business partner. Our customers can get valuable and professional advice from her as usual.

        Welcome our new colleague Jessica, she works hard and carefully.


        In these three days we reunited here, we provided professional and high efficiency business culture to our customers. And weenjoy high praise from our customers.


        Time flies, We hope to reunite with you in Madrid!


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