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        2017 CPHI Shanghai - We're here again!

        Have already visited 372 07/21/2017  

            CPHI Shanghai was ended on 22 June,2017.

            This year, we have two brand new faces attended our team —— Brandy & Emma.

           As usual, our old customers attended our appointments. We really appreciated their time spent with us. Futhermore, we have a lot of new customers paid us visits too. 

            We appreciate the hard work of Comwin family for these three days. As a saying goes “You sow and toil and sweat today, tomrrow is your harvest day!”

             Vicky who incharge of Nutritional & Cosmetic ingredients share with us:

             Take pride in how far you've come.

              Have faith in how far you can go.

              But don't forget to enjoy the journey!

             Hei, everyone, looking forward to your next journey!

                                                                                                                21 July 2017

                                                                                                                     by Kiko

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