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        FIC Shanghai 2017

        Have already visited 393 04/18/2017  

           Food Ingredients China (FIC) is the largest and most authoritative international show on food additives & ingredients industry in Asia. FIC 2017 was held in Shanghai form 24-26 March 2017.

           Vicky who is incharge of Nutritional & Cosmetic Ingredients attended this show together with her assistant Cindy.


           Vicky's VIP customers come all the way to attend FIC too. As a Chinese saying goes"It is always a pleasure to greet a friend from afar." Comwin showed our hospitality to welcome our dearest customers from Tailand and Korea.

          The night scene of Shanghai which witness the friendship between customers and Comwin is really beautiful!


                                                                             by Kiko

                                                                           18 Apr,2017

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